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A Guide to Oxford & Cambridge Packaging.

Posted by The Eroma Team on 16-May-2018 14:43:13



When first setting out to develop a candle range, there are a range of factors that you need to take into account. What type of wax to use,  which fragrances to employ, how many different products should be in your range and more.

One of the most important aspects of developing a candle range (or any product range for that matter) is Branding and Packaging. Creating an enticing brand involves building and developing important touch points where you brand can engage with customers and packaging is crucial in that process. Your product packaging is the first physical introduction to your company and brand and it serves as the perfect opportunity to establish a connection before your customer has even seen your product. 

To help with the process of navigating candle packaging options, we've put together this guide to provide a clear overview of what your options are regarding packaging for our Oxford and Cambridge glassware ranges (as these are two of our most popular candle jars).


Small Oxford Packaging


Compatible with:


Packaging options for small Oxford candle glassware include two different primary colours (white and black) with a range of variations available. These boxes are designed to be perfectly fit the small Oxford candle jar.

If you're wondering why these products are listed as purely "Oxford" compatible rather than "Oxford and Cambridge", the reason for this is purely due to the fact that at the time of this writing, Cambridge candle jars are only available in Medium, Large, XL and XXL (not small).


Medium Oxford and Cambridge Packaging


Compatible with:


There are a number of different packaging style available for medium Oxford and Cambridge Jars. There are four primary colour ways to choose from (white, black, beige and brown) a number of different style variations as you can see below.

One of the variations available in a Medium size is the option of a Duo Pack. Duo packs are made to measure candle boxes designed to elegantly store and showcase two medium Oxford or Cambridge candle jars (along )

It's worth noting that at this point in time, candle boxes with a window included are only available in either white or beige.


Large Oxford and Cambridge Packaging


Compatible with:


Much like the collection of Medium boxes, there are a number of different styles and options when it comes to choosing the perfect packaging for your large Oxford or Cambridge candle jars, however, one key difference to note is that Duo packs are not available in a large size (again, at the time of this writing).


XL Oxford and Cambridge Packaging


Compatible with:


 Packaging for XL Oxford and Cambridge Candle jars come in 4 primary colours - white, black, beige and brown. In this size category window boxes are available in beige and white only and duo packs are not currently available in this size. 




XXL Cambridge Packaging


Compatible with:

  • Cambridge XXL Base Clear
  • Cambridge XXL Transparent White
  • Cambridge XXL Opaque White
  • Cambridge XXL Base Transparent Black
  • Cambridge XXL Base Opaque Black

XXL candle jars are currently only available in the Cambridge design and once again, the options for packaging for this size of candle jar vary slightly compared to other sizes. In this size, you have the colour options of Black and White and style options are either solid colour or foil edged.



Custom Candle Packaging

Whilst there are a lot of different options for packaging your Cambridge or Oxford candles, customising your packaging is a great way to really capture your brand with your product. There are a number of options regarding personalising the look and feel of you packaging. A simple way to do this is to use branded labels on packaging (click here to enquire) or if you're looking for something designed and made specifically for your and your brand, full custom packaging (click here to enquire) may be a good option to consider.