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  • August 2017 (10) Candle Fragrance Oil Set August 2017 (10) Candle Fragrance Oil Set
  • August 2017 (10) Candle Fragrance Oil Set inside box August 2017 (10) Candle Fragrance Oil Set inside box
  • August 2017 (10) Candle Fragrance Oil Set outside of box August 2017 (10) Candle Fragrance Oil Set outside of box


August 2017 (10) Candle Fragrance Oil Set

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August 2017 (10) Candle Fragrance Oil Set
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**Please Note: As this a special promotional product once stock has run out it will not be returning. If you sign up to out of stock notifications you will be notified once next months' fragrance oil set is released.

Our monthly fragrances are now presented in a beautiful display box which features a magnetic lid and pull-out tab! Check out the images to the left to have a look!

August's Candle Fragrance Oils include:

100's & 1000's Bring back those childhood memories of birthdays and fairy bread. Deliciously fruity and buttery with lemon and orange on top, buttercream and coconut filling up the middle, and a vanilla, sugar and musk base.

Coconut Rain A long lasting tropical scent where coconut, florals and ocean notes combine. Take in the added hints of ylang ylang and cyclamen that sit on a base of sandalwood and rosewood.

Tibetan Mountain Temple Immerse yourself in the tranquility of spices and florals with notes of black pepper and bay leaf layered on classic lavender with a woody, musky base.

Salted Caramel A gorgeous sweet treat with buttery top notes and just a touch of saltiness, rounded out with caramel, coconut, vanilla and creamy condensed milk.

Peppermint Candy Apple As sweet as it sounds and perhaps another childhood memory revisited. Peppermint and apple head up this sugary blend, and vanilla, malt and musk complete this festive aroma.

Pear & Ginger Sweet, juicy pear with the zing of ginger and added notes of leaf green, fir needle, jasmine and cyclamen.

Almond Milk Caramel Feel the warm embrace of this decadent aroma as almond and creamy fresh milk merge with vanilla bean and caramel.

Sweet Orange & Cassis A truly well balanced fruity citrus blend that features fresh sweet orange and red apple, bold cassis and berry in the middle, and a woody base of vetiver and amber.

Rose Geranium & Bergamot Bursting with floral notes and hints of citrus, a heady fusion of rose and African geranium paired with sparkling bergamot, star jasmine and white gardenia.

Sweet Neroli & Basil Take a stroll through a Mediterranean garden lined with the blossom of the bitter orange tree, Neroli. Continue the adventure with a herbaceous burst of basil, rosemary and juicy citrus with subtly infused floral notes.

August's 2017 Candle Fragrance Oil Set includes:

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