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Here is where you can find all candle making supplies from EROMA (formally Natural Candle Supply). 

EROMA stocks all of the candle supplies you need for making your own candles. You can find everything from candle wicks, candle jars & glassware to candle fragrance oils, soy wax for candle making and candle packaging. 

If you're new to the candle making world, check out our candle making kits. Our candle making kits and bundles have all of the supplies you need to just jump straight in and start making candles without the need to conduct testing or search through lists of candle supplies.

If you're looking to see the candle making process in action, you can find our step by step guide here: How to Make a Candle. 

Candle making is a wonderful craft that we love and we're proud to be bringing the best Australian candle making supplies and brands to candle makers.


Candle Fragrance Oils
Candle Wax
Candle Glass and Containers
Candle Wicks
Candle Equipment and Extras
Candle Packaging