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For over five years, Eroma (previously known as Natural Candle Supply) has been working closely with artisan candle fragrance producer Luxaroma to create and develop the best quality fragrance oils in Australia. In collaboration with Luxaroma, we test hundreds of new fragrances every month and are proud to offer you the best high quality fragrance oils from our latest testing. All fragrance oils are tested in natural waxes for compatibility and scent throw. We reject over 90% of all fragrance oils tested and accordingly end up with a high quality boutique line of cosmetic grade oils. We know you will enjoy them. Click here to visit the Luxaroma website.


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Our Premium Fragrance Oils

These are synthetic in substance, in that they are not formulated directly from plant origin. Having said this, many fragrance oils do contain a high percentage of essential oils. In general, fragrance oils work better in candles than essential oils, the reason being that many are fine-tuned for the type of wax, whereas essential oils are fixed in composition.

An important consideration is that fragrance oils are no different to a high quality designer perfume, so if you're looking for a candle that produces a beautiful fragrance, then this is the oil to use for your candles.

Typical usage is around 10% or 100 grams of fragrance oil per 1,000 grams of wax. However, we also recommend that everyone conducts their own testing. In order to achieve accurate results and consistency, it's necessary to use accurate digital scales.

Note: Whilst blending fragrance oils is possible, we have not conducted testing and therefore cannot guarantee end results. Take care to accurately follow instructions when adding fragrance as if the wax is too hot, the fragrance oil can vaporise and in some circumstances ignite. Please make sure you follow instructions when adding fragrances; hot temperatures can damage the fragrance leading to a different scent than desired.


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