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Candle Fragrance Oil Sets 2018

The following 2017 candle fragrance oil sets have now completely run out of stock however you can click through to read about the different fragrances that made up each release!

October Fragrance Oil Set 2017
September Fragrance Oil Set 2017
August Fragrance Oil Set 2017
July Fragrance Oil Set 2017
June Fragrance Oil Set 2017
May Fragrance Oil Set 2017
April Fragrance Oil Set 2017


Eroma is proud to announce that we are now archiving Luxaroma's monthly candle fragrance oil sets which include ten 30ml fragrance oils so you can experience each collection as it was designed to be launched. At only $9.90 it’s an inexpensive way to try out a curated box of fragrances for you next candle creation. They also make a great gift for home fragrance lovers.

For our customers who are professional candle makers themselves, these monthly boxes are a great way to help catalog your candle making history by various scents and organise controlled testing when developing new products. As you will know, testing and sampling is an important part of product development. These 30ml samples are a nifty way to try out a selection of scents when looking to build your range. Don’t forget that all of our candle fragrance oils can be used in room diffusers and oil burners too.

If you missed out on buying a particular month’s collection of new fragrance oils you can purchase them here. Why not try a past month’s collection if you missed it when it was launched?

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