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This Tuesday 3rd November 2020 our Melbourne warehouse will be closed, as always you can shop on our site 24/7!


In light of the recent announcement in Victoria regarding trade restrictions, the click and collect option for paid orders from our Melbourne Warehouse will be available from Tuesday 6th October.
All orders must be pre paid and collected once a confirmation email is received as no payment will be accepted at the time of collection.
The Melbourne Showroom will remain closed until further notice.
We are committed to the health & safety of our customers and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Marble Candle Jars

Polished and raw Marble candle jars. Showcase your candle creations in a gorgeous, natural stone. Choose from a range of stunning patterns and finishes.

Due to the current high demand for Glassware we have introduced a temporary limit, per warehouse, of 5 cartons per pack size. This will help to maintain availability for all our customers.
Thank you for your understanding. .

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