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Selecting the best wick for your candle

No matter what type of candle you plan on making, Eroma has all the wick supplies you need to ensure a perfect burn! We only stock the highest quality cotton wicks and wooden wicks in a range of different sizes, lengths and styles (spooled or pretabbed assemblies). Browse through the different wick product categories above to find out more specific information.

We provide wick suggestions for most of our glass jars and containers but please note that this is a guide only. Many different variables such as your candle wax choices, colour and fragrance will influence how your wick will perform in your candle so it is best to conduct your own testing prior to mass production. This way you can ensure a consistent, well-performing product. For more details on the different variables to consider when choosing your wicks, click here for our Wick Information Guide. We also have a frequently asked questions section dedicated to wicks to help answer any questions you might have.

Candle Wick Troubleshooting

If you are having issues with your candle wicks, be sure to check out our wick centring tips and techniques, or our preventing mushrooming guide.