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Selecting the best container for your candle

At Eroma, we stock a range of candle glass, containers and holders which come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Each has its own unique benefits relevant to its own design, so we encourage you to explore the different categories above and find out more about our candle glassware products and how to best present your candle creations.

Once you enter a category and visit an individual product page, you will find more helpful information on our wick recommendations, burn time and how much wax you will need to fill each container. Each product has a diagram on its own page under ’Dimensions’ to help you judge whether what you’re looking at is the right size and shape for your desired end product. We have a selection of matching candle container lids to complete the look of your container candle and a variety of colourful and plain box presentation packaging made specifically for our candle glasses to make that all-important first impression count. Click here to see our packaging range.

All our glassware is made specifically for candle making: you can pour molten wax straight from mixing into any of the containers we sell and leave to set overnight.

See our prices for amazing value when bulk-buying candle making containers, the most competitive wholesale prices in Australia!

Just click through to our glassware and containers guide and frequently asked questions page for answers to any questions you might have.