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  • Clam Shell Moulds 6 Cavity shown with diffuser Clam Shell Moulds 6 Cavity shown with diffuser
  • Clam Shell Moulds 6 Cavity in yellow Clam Shell Moulds 6 Cavity in yellow
  • Fragrance Melt on a burner Fragrance Melt on a burner
  • Clam Shell Moulds 6 Cavity in different colours Clam Shell Moulds 6 Cavity in different colours


Clam Shell Moulds 6 Cavity

Quick Overview

Wax Melt and Tart Moulds
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$0.60 / clam shell mould

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805 available


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$0.30 / clam shell mould

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328 available


1000 of
$0.23 / clam shell mould

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181 available



Cavity Dimensions: 25mm x 27mm

Closed Clam Shell Dimensions: 110mm x 72mm

Liquid Quantity: 74 grams

Description: The clamshell moulds provide an ideal way to make and package your home fragrance wax melts for oil burners. Essentially they are the moulds and you can pour molten wax straight into them. When set and closed up, they can then become your packaging or you can use them time and again for creating wax melts.

Clamshell moulds are made from recyclable PET.

See the Learn More tab above for hints and troubleshooting tips.

Click here to see our How To Make Wax Melts page for a guide on making your very own wax melts at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much wax and fragrance does each clamshell mould need?

A. Ideally you should not fill your clamshell mould all the way to the top, but rather fill to 5mm from the top. This equates to an approximate total of 74 grams of wax and fragrance. We recommend 6 grams of fragrance per clamshell mould so that each individual melt when snapped off has 1 grams of fragrance.

Q. This sounds complicated. Is there an easy way to do it?

A. One simple production method would be to pour 5 clamshell moulds at once. Melt 340 grams of wax, being 68 grams for each clamshell mould. Add 30 grams of fragrance, being 6 grams per clamshell mould. Then pour each clamshell so they each have approx 74 grams total in them. You can even use the scale initially for this until you get your pouring heights correct.

Q. Can I remove my melts from the clamshell mould and re-use the mould to pour more melts again?

A. Yes, you can use your clamshell moulds over and over. Essentially you are using them like a mould or of course you can close them up with your finished melts inside them and use the clamshell mould as finished packaging.

What others are saying

  1. Quality
    AMAZING J'AdoreScents - on 8/10/2018

    ONLY Negative is they always seem to be out of stock!

  2. Quality
    Very sturdy quality Subliminal Bath Salts & Candles - on 7/10/2018

    Sturdy quality, great price

  3. Quality
    EXCELLENT QUALITY Lyn - on 29/07/2017

    I have been using these for a while now and has proven to be excellent quality for every box received. Could not fault this product.

  4. Quality
    Great for the melts MinnieM - on 25/03/2017

    Very happy with the clamshell moulds. Easy to use and close and hang perfectly on my hanger. Best price I've found so far! Thanks Eroma!

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