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  • Concrete XL Curved Base Grey Cement Concrete XL Curved Base Grey Cement

Concrete XL Curved Base Grey Cement

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Concrete XL Curved Base Grey Cement
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Dimensions: see tab

Wax Quantity (unscented): approx. 535 grams

Container Weight (inc. lid): approx. 1045 grams

Wick Recommendation: HTP XL100

Product Description: Industrial and strong, our Concrete candle jar range is made from an environmentally friendly cement (sulfoaluminate) which has a focus on energy saving and greenhouse gas mitigation. Each jar is machine mixed and hand sanded producing a consistent shape, size and smooth finish which creates an extra strong, durable and safe product, perfect for your stunning range of candles. The outside of the jar is left unpolished to retain the raw, industrial aesthetic while the inside has been sealed to protect the concrete from wax and fragrance seepage. Every concrete jar includes a matching lid which helps to enhance fragrance throw and preserve your candle.

Speak to our friendly team about Silk Screen Printing your Brand or Logo on the jar to make your range stand out and be noticed.

Concrete Jars and Fragrance: When using natural products, we recommend conducting your own testing as the jars can be porous and some types of fragrances could potentially affect the colour. We suggest keeping your fragrance load to a maximum of 10%.

Please note: The wick recommendation is a guide only. Some fragrance and wax combinations may require a smaller or larger wick size. Personal wick testing will be required to ensure the most appropriate wick for your candle. Foil Printing is not suitable for the concrete jar.

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