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  • Diffuser Box (Beige) Diffuser Box (Beige)
  • Diffuser Box (Beige) bisected view Diffuser Box (Beige) bisected view
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Cubic Diffuser Box (Beige)

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Diffuser Boxes
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Dimensions: See Tab

Box Weight: 139 grams

Box Capacities: Cubic Diffuser Glass round and cubic, maximum 300mm Diffuser Reed Sticks.

Description: This box is an excellent way to package a diffuser glass with reeds and diffuser oil. There is a display window on the front of the box giving a preview of the contents inside. Each box is made with a crash lock bottom, reinforcing the base ensuring nothing will fall through. Each box also includes two 'inners', one further reinforces the box and protect the contents, the second holds the cubic diffuser in place and creates a divider for the diffuser reeds and bottle of diffuser oil. 

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