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  • Water Slide Decal - Laser White example Water Slide Decal - Laser White example

Water Slide Decal - Laser White

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Product Description: These decal sheets are a great way to place a photo or image on your candle. They come in A4 sheets so you can use them in your standard laser printer.
Important item to note:
- Detailed instructions are located in the LEARN MORE tab.

Decal Inkjet Instructions Here -

Step 1:
Print your designs using the decal paper and your inkjet printer. Allow your prints to dry for at least 30 minutes before trimming them.

WARNING: Be sure you are using the correct type of decal paper for your printer. Using InkJet paper in a laser printer, and vice versa, will ruin your paper.

Step 2:
Once your prints have dried, spray with an acrylic spray. You will need at least three coats of spray, 
allowing at least 5 to 10 minutes between each coat to dry.

Step 3:
Place your cut-outs into a bowl of water and allow to soak for 30 seconds, then feel the decal paper and ensure that it slides away from the backing paper. It is now ready to be placed onto the candle.
NOTE: Do not slide off the backing paper yet.

Step 4:
Place the edge of the wet decal onto the candle and carefully slide the backing paper off as you place the film onto the candle.

Step 5:
Dab the wet decal with a dry, lint-free cloth, being careful so as to not damage the film. Gently smooth to remove any air bubbles and water trapped under the film. This will allow the decal paper to stick better. Water trapped under the film may not allow the decal to stick when dry. Leave the decal to dry in a dry, shaded area for 24 hours.

Application Help

If your decals seem to peel away from the surface after a number of days, this can be due to cold weather.

For further application tips, please try the following:

Warm the surface before applying the decals

Use warm water

Use a squeegee on harder spots like the edges

Apply a thicker coating of spray

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