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  • Ecosoya Pillar Blend Soy Wax Ecosoya Pillar Blend Soy Wax


Ecosoya Pillar Blend Soy Wax

Quick Overview

Pillar and Votive Blends
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Melting Temperature: Under gentle agitation, melt the wax to 75°C.  Do not heat to above 90°C for prolonged periods of time.

Pour Temperature: Cool to 60°C then add fragrance oil and gently stir for 2 minutes to combine. Pour immediately after adding fragrance oil. 

If not using fragrance oil pour at 60°C.

Max Fragrance: Up to 10%

Suggested Applications:  Pillar Candles, Tarts and Melts

Description:   EcoSoya PillarBlend is an all natural soy wax for pillar and votive candles.

Incorporating new technology to improve melt pool, this product is specifically designed for pillar candles. EcoSoya PillarBlend is also a good option for melts and tarts.

This wax exhibits great scent throw, vibrant colours, and excellent mould release. Truly the perfect natural wax for smooth and creamy structural candles.

This wax can take a fragrance load of up to 10%. We recommend heating this wax to around 70 degrees to melt and pouring at 60 degrees. Add fragrance as close to pour temperature as possible for optimum results.

We have a handy 'how to guide' available in the downloads section along with videos on our home page to help you achieve the best results!

Try this wax if you had previously used EcoSoya Q230 from the old Quantum range.


What others are saying

  1. Price
    Quality and beautiful finish! Anny - on 29/09/2021

    Excellent wax that handles very well, great cold scent throw. Looking forward to burning the pillar candles I’ve made. The finish is smooth and a beautiful creamy white.
    Highly recommended!!

  2. Price
    HALLELUJAH !!!!!! helenlaw - on 30/06/2021

    IT’S FINALLY BACK!!! Simply the best - forget the rest!! Far superior than any other soy pillar blend. Handles fragrance beautifully, doesn’t have an oily surface and doesn’t sweat while it burns (I found KeraSoy to do this and very disappointing). SO glad it’s back!!!

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