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  • Ecosoya Q210 Soy Wax Ecosoya Q210 Soy Wax

Ecosoya Q210

Quick Overview

Ecosoya Q210 Soy Wax
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1 kg

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7 available


5 kg

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20.41 kg

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To find out more information about the new Ecosoya Q210 wax read out blog post here.

Melt Point: 46.1°C
Pour Temperature: Minimum of 62.8°C and maximum of 79.4°C
Max Fragrance: 18% Max
Suggested Applications: Container candles, tarts and melts. This was has been dermatologically tested and is also great for massage candles.

Description: The Q210 soy wax which is part of the new Ecosoya range, is the newest soy wax from EcoSoya brings a new technology that virtually eliminates frosting, allows for higher fragrance loads, higher pour temperatures and produces vivid colors. The Q210 has an extremely clean burn, stable and easy to use. One pour with a smooth re-congealed burn pool.

Please note: The wax information is a recommendation only and your own testing should be conducted. 

What others are saying

  1. Price
    Good for melts Stacey - on 30/07/2018

    I'm very surprised reading all the bad reviews on this product. I've used 10kg in the past few weeks to make melts and have not had many issues. I've been pouring at a lower temp (50°c) due to using small portion containers. I've found maybe 5 out of 500 I've made get bubbles in them. I havent had an issue with scent throw (I use 10-12% fragrance) I can smell it for ages after making them and if I've got two different fragrances the same colour I can smell the difference when I get to labeling them. The ones I've used in a melt warmer also had great scent throw. I've found if I get distracted and heat the wax too much it does make a difference to the colour (my purple went grey as it was too hot) but otherwise my colours have been very vibrant.
    I did find tho that when I was at the markets the other day in the short period they were in the sun (silly me didnt take a side wall for my gazebo) they did sweat and the pink, purple & red ones went completely white. I was quiet surprised how quickly it lost colour in the sun. I have not used them for candles in glass jars as I found when I used the other wax (Q230) it did not adhere very well to glass and frosted alot, so I wasnt try candles with the Q210.

  2. Price
    Hate this Wax, Never Again Lorel - on 12/07/2018

    Only got 5kg's of this wax thankfully! it is peach in colour. Smokes for ages when first lit, even though wick is continually trimmed. Can't smell fragrance unless using 15% or more. Nothing good to say about it. Won't buy again.

  3. Value
    Exceptional Soy Wax Tash Green - on 9/07/2018

    Exceptional Soy Wax

  4. Price
    Dissapointed Angie - on 28/05/2018

    Dissapointed with this wax,
    Very unhappy about the wick still smoking after being extinguished.
    The scent throw is less and depending on the fragrance the wax does change colour.
    I won’t purchase this wax again

  5. Value
    Never Again Jennifer - on 18/05/2018

    Followed instructions and tried different fragrances but every candle on had wet spots. To the point where my tins oxidized from where the fragrance sat on top of the wax and touched the tin.

  6. Quality
    Disappointing Cat - on 6/05/2018

    Just made my first candle with this at 10% fragrance loading. Can’t smell any fragrance. This is going to up my costs if I have to go the full 18% fragrance loading. Don’t like the colour either. Won’t purchase again

  7. Quality
    Not happy Dee - on 23/04/2018

    Have been buying advance wax for years never will i use the wax again. The throw is shocking sweats and not value for money so dissapointed

  8. Price
    DREADFUL Cass - on 21/04/2018

    So after much hype about this wax i purchase 20kg thinking this will be great.. WRONG...
    Terrible colour after 2 - 3 burns
    sweat marks once cooled
    the worst part is i have tripled my cost in scents as the 18% advertised with better scent throw i can tell you after working my way through 1/2 of the 20 kg thinking what am i doing wrong its not me, its this dreadful wax as the scent throw is ZERO.
    I will be going back to my previous Golden Wax. I am about to bin the rest of this its cost my business in sales and time.

  9. Quality
    Love Love Love Elizabeth - on 11/03/2018

    Best wax we have ever used. No frosting the scent throw is fabulous (15%) is what we use. It holds the colour no smoking at all.

  10. Price
    Exceptional Soy Wax Tash35 - on 20/02/2018

    Exceptional Soy Wax

  11. Price
    Not happy Kelly - on 11/02/2018

    Really not happy with this wax at all,the only good thing is how well it hold color.The scent throw is terrible it sweats very easily and the wax itself smells almost off! It has cost me money in sales and trying different ratios,I really hate this wax and am looking for a quality replacement!! Any ideas??

  12. Quality
    Won't buy again Tara - on 6/01/2018

    This wax might have a beautiful appearance and hold colour well but the scent throw is non existent. The vinegar smell of the wax is unappealing. I don't know how this wax got past Ecosoya's testing stage. Really hope they address these isssues.

  13. Quality
    Great tops, but smokes lots Damo - on 23/12/2017

    Was so excited to try this wax when it came out, however, after using it for a few months it's terrible for candles which is disappointing.

    -Great smooth candle tops and great container adhesion
    -Easy to pour and to work with, no sinkholes

    -Smokes A LOT. Smokes when it's being melted and the wick smokes lots and lots when extinguishing the candle
    -Little to no scent throw, both hot and cold. Even using higher fragrance loads there is little scent throw
    -Weird vinegar smell when melting wax and when burning candle
    -Having to use high fragrance loads to get any kind of scent throw. Which means candles cost more to produce
    -Pink colour isn't very appealing

    This wax is garbage for making container candles and I can't wait for Eroma to stock CB Advanced again!

  14. Quality
    Not like CB135 AT ALL DW - on 21/12/2017

    Ran out of CB135 in early December...found this as a possible solution. Holiday demand required me to limit I can't sell any holiday candles at my event this weekend. . No scent throw with essential oils....have to pour at 140 degrees as millions of bubbles form at 120 and below causing bubbles in poured product. I don't like to add essential oils at that high a temp. I thought that was why I had no scent throw but after reading these other reviews, I see it's not just that. Looking for a replacement, any suggestions for one making essential oil scented candles?

  15. Quality
    hate hate hate Not a fan - on 15/12/2017

    The old CB advanced is far superior to this poor excuse for wax. I'm so surprised Ecosoya would put their name to this product! Its just awful.

    Problems ive noticed:
    - The colour is peachy
    - After burning, certain fragrances turn the wax brown
    - It sweats! Really badly ( and that's just at 12%)
    - The wicks die/drown out half way through in certain scents. And other scents need to be wicked up 1-2 sizes.
    - If your wicks manage to survive past half way, the scent throw takes on a "smokey" scent.
    - there's a subtle vinegar like smell from it

    Anyone who has left positive feedback for this, I would question whether they tested the whole candle all the way to the bottom.

    After making the candle initially, it does look nice, smooth and creamy. After the first burn, it still has a nice appearance. But once your 1/3 of your way into the candle, get ready for problems.

    I'm so disappointed in this wax. Ecosoya had a great product with CB advanced. They pulled it off the market, kept us waiting months and months, and for what? this?!

  16. Quality
    Sorry, won't buy again Leonie - on 15/12/2017

    Really looked forward to trying this wax. Used a 14% fragrance load and candles poured quite well and smelt quite strongly. These were poured for Christmas at the end of October. I followed the pouring instructions carefully and added the fragrance and pored in the lower end of the poring window. I have found that 2 of my 5 fragrances is virtually undetectable, a third is extremely faint and the last 2 have a light fragrance. Between the high cost of the wax and the cost of the fragrances together with the many candles I cannot sell, I will not buy this wax ever again.

  17. Quality
    Not Impressed Rhi - on 1/12/2017

    Candles are smoother and have a nice finish. However the biggest down side for me is the fact that I need to use nearly double the amount of fragrance oils to get the same scent throw as my old wax. So on top of spending more money on a more expensive wax I now have to add more fragrance oil to each candle making them much more expensive to make.

  18. Quality
    Pleasantly surprised! Louise - on 28/11/2017

    I was so worried about this wax after reading so many bad reviews after I had ordered over 50kg of it for the Christmas period (yikes!) and I was pleasantly surprised! I am getting great Cold Throw and Hot Throw (loading 10-12%) my tops are perfect and colour vibrant!

    I am adding the fragrance oil and pouring lower than recommended temperature (adding fragrance oil 69°C and pouring 65°C) with fabulous results. A few of my candles are pulling away from the container but overall happy with the results I'm getting!

  19. Quality
    Disappointed Michelle - on 21/11/2017

    Yes the candles set perfectly but do not add 18% fragrance. I did and it simply sweat out of my candles and they have no scent throw. Very disappointed

  20. Quality
    NOT AS GOOD AS CB ADVANCED Kathy - on 19/11/2017

    This wax is gives a beautiful smooth finish, however I find I need to use almost twice the amount of fragrance than I used to use in the CB advanced and golden waxes. Before I used 10%, whereas now I use 18% as the scent is almost undetectable when using 10%. For the price, I'm a little disappointed. It also gives a creamy color instead of white

  21. Quality
    Zero Scent Throw Nikki - on 17/11/2017

    There is almost no scent throw, hot or cold from this wax. Very disappointing.

  22. Quality
    Very dissapointed Kayley - on 8/11/2017

    I have made heaps of clamshell and melts, and after two weeks the are all getting black spots on the bottom and now everywhere..
    Not sure what i did wrong maybe anybody has some suggestions or tips.

    Thanks in advance

  23. Quality
    Big "NO" for melts Jodes - on 7/11/2017

    Love it, easy to use. Only downside for melts, it is hard to get out of the mould and the fragrance does not last as long as the Ecosoya Pillar Blend.

  24. Quality
    Not a fan Sue - on 30/10/2017

    I find that the wax smokes when melting. It term on fragrance I used 10% and it’s very faint. Perfect tops though. Not a fan

  25. Quality
    Not convinced yet Linda - on 29/10/2017

    I've done quite a bit of testing with this new wax. Comparing it to CB Advanced.

    Larger size wicks needed.
    More smoking when you extinguish the candle.
    Colour isn't great (turns a weird peachy colour with some fragrances).
    French Pear looks an awful brown colour after burning it (no colour added).
    I think the cold throw of some fragrances is not as strong.
    Need higher FO % to get the same scent throw.
    Not great glass adhesion.

    Can pour at hotter temp.
    Candle tops set nicely (other than some being a bit too concave).

    This is not an improvement on cb advanced.

  26. Quality
    Lovely Ellen - on 27/10/2017

    Easy to work with and sets really well. Only down side is it is a cream colour not the crisp white that Cb Advanced was.

  27. Quality
    The Best Jeanette - on 27/10/2017

    Just finished my first pour with this wax and it is just a timesaver! All my candles are perfect! No second pour needed to cover cracks etc.

  28. Quality
    Can be Soft Fee - on 25/10/2017

    For melts this wax makes the melts feel oily and soft.

  29. Quality
    It's Just ok Bonz - on 23/10/2017

    Has a smooth finish but has adhesion problems due to shrinkage. Is a much harder wax....not soft like CB Advanced. Definitely have to use a lot more fragrance oil to get results. Takes on the colour of fragrance a lot more for example when using fruity frags like pineapple, lime and coconut or citrus the wax takes on an light brownish tinge. When using a clear colour frag then candle is white when set. These things cause the presentation of the candles unattractive to the customer. Disappointing.......

  30. Quality
    UNCERTAIN Julie - on 23/10/2017

    Im a bit deflated. Smaller quantity for more $$, also not as soft to what Im used to. This wax sure is harder and the smell not as strong when unlit. ( Im used to customers saying " oh gosh, smell that, its amazing" you dont get that with this wax unfortunately :( You might want to wick up a size bigger than normal too. The good thing about this wax is smooth tops, even after the test burn it sets like new almost. And yes no frosting.

  31. Quality
    Disappointed :( Helen - on 23/10/2017

    Really disappointed with this wax. We first bought the 5kg to test is and it wasn't too bad, however after buying the 20kg box and using it found that it discoloured. It was used with the same scents and temps that we used the tester on and was very disappointed with the finished product. No more creamy white candles!! Would be interested to know if the people who left the previous reviews found the same problems. If not what temp/scents are you using

  32. Quality
    Wouldn't buy again H - on 21/10/2017

    After making 24 large jar candles, I have only had 1 with good adhesion. It didn't make any difference if I warmed the jars before pouring. Cold throw was not the best. Hot throw on a few testers was okay. The wax when cured is a light apricot color.the only thing I liked was a lovely smooth top.

  33. Quality
    Not A Winner :( Amy - on 21/10/2017

    I was excited to get my hands on this new wax and really hoped it would deliver but I'm quite disappointed. Whilst the finish was smooth, the dark caramel colour of the wax once melted and set isn't appealing. The cold throw is also almost non existent. One test batch had a plastic smell to wax (possible not enough fragrance even at 13-14%). You'll definitely need to up the fragrance with this wax to cover the plastic smell.

    Here's to hoping the other deliver better results.

  34. Quality
    DISAPPOINTED Annlo - on 20/10/2017

    I have now tried Q210 and for me it's not living up to my expectations after reading how fantastic this wax is supposed to be.

    Before I used Xcel for my tealights and CB Advanced for my containers and I never had any issues with wicking, fragrances or funny looking surfaces.

    I have so far mainly tested only the wax with HTP wicks in different containers without anything added.

    1. If poured below 75 degrees the wax retracts from the container wall and get wet spots in clear glass
    2. The containers that are 10 cm high ended up with a concave shape in the middle and sunken in and definitely required a second pour. The containers that are 5 cm high ended up with smooth tops
    3. The wax is hard so I have wicked up several sizes and still find it hard to get a complete melt pool. I have ended up triple wicking with smaller wicks to get a complete melt pool
    4. When I extinguish the candles they don't stop smoking and the smoke fills my whole living room and kitchen area. I am now taking the candles outside on the balcony when extinguishing them
    5. The wax in itself has got a weird smell and when fragrance is added (I made some tealights to test how it performs with added colour and fragrance) it does something to the wax. When lighting a tea light it smells a bit like "petrol" and the beautiful fragrance (I tried 13 different ones) gets distorted. Same with them all
    6. Almost no cold scent throw. I could hardly tell the fragrances apart once cured. Became a little bit stronger after a few days but very weak in all the fragrances. The hot scent throw is amazing though, with the exception of that weird "petrol" smell that comes with it
    7. Creates beautiful colours, both soft and vibrant ones
    8. Easy to work with and less mess as it's tiny pellets
    9. One of my tealights became a 10 cm high flame a few minutes after lighting it, the whole tealight just caught fire, really scary, the rest have had the opposite problem with almost drowning flames after 30 min of burning. This wax has not been performing well in tealights

    Sorry to say that I am very disappointed. I will continue my testing though and try CDN wicks as well to see if they work better. Looking forward to trying the other waxes in the Quantum series to see if they perform better. I hope this was helpful to someone.

  35. Quality
    NOT LIVING UP TO MY EXPECTATIONS Annamaria - on 18/10/2017

    Definitely harder than CB Advanced and I had to wick up with all my containers. If I poured the wax below 75 degrees the wax retracted from the cointainer wall. My bigger candles also got concave and sunken in the middle and needed a second pour. Easy to get both soft and vivid colors. Made some tealights and tested a 14% fragrance load but disappointingly they don't burn well at all as the wick can't handle it and almost drowns itself. There is almost no cold scent throw at all but very good hot scent throw. No frosting. I also got wetspots if poured below 75 degrees and in room temperatured containers, had to preheat them. For me this wax is not satisfactory and I am disappointed since the reviews have all been very positive. I will keep testing but looking forward to the other new waxes.

  36. Quality
    Thumbs up Tara - on 16/10/2017

    Harder than CB Advanced, you might have to wick up with some candles. Holds colour well, no frosting. Good hot and cold scent throw.

  37. Quality
    Love It Lesley - on 6/10/2017

    Absolutely love this wax! Perfect smooth tops every time ! Worth the wait

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