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  • Feather (Large Crystal) Palm Wax Feather (Large Crystal) Palm Wax


Feather (Large Crystal) Palm Wax

Quick Overview

Pillar and Votive Blends
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1 kg
$9.00 / Kg

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5 kg
$7.00 / Kg

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25 kg
$4.80 / Kg

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Melt Point: 58°C

Pour Temperature 90°C - 110°C

Max Fragrance: 6%

Description: Natural Palm Wax for use in pillars and votives. This Palm Wax solidifies to produce a beautiful feather-like crystal structure on the outside of the pillar or votive. This wax is designed to shrink to allow for easy release from the mould. All palm wax comes in bead form for easy handling and use.

What others are saying

  1. Value
    Is a great wax to work with! Carlo - on 24/08/2021

    For pillar candles their is not a better wax to use it releases from the mould Easily and the feather Patten is just fantastic i would recommend it to everyone!

  2. Quality
    really good product F&A - on 12/05/2016

    I love this wax, i love the diversity, you can heat it to the recommended pour temperature and give give off the best effect. but if you just want a smooth plain candle you can heat it up to below the recommended pour temperature. So great for the diversity. I've found it hold fragrances really well, and my house smells amazing.

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