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  • GOATS MILK Melt and Pour Soap Base GOATS MILK Melt and Pour Soap Base

GOATS MILK Melt and Pour Soap Base

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Melt and Pour Soap
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The Goat's Milk Melt and Pour base is made with 10% refrigerated liquid Vitamin D Goat's Milk, the exact same as the goat's milk you drink! This creates soap with a full, delicate and creamy lather that softens skin and moisturises. It also has a beautiful, creamy custard colour to it.

See the Learn More tab for more information on making your own soaps at home.

Melt and Pour Soap Base Information

Our melt and pour soap range has everything you need for creating high quality soap bars which are great for the skin. Our range differs from other melt and pour bases as they have had special ingredients added during the manufacturing process, not as an afterthought. Some melt and pour soap bases have been melted down, with ingredients such as shea butter, goat's milk, et cetera, added and then reset as a block. This can compromise the lather and composition, and can also cause the soaps to produce more sweat.

Our melt and pour range is 100% pure soap with only the finest natural vegetable oils used in manufacturing. The product is never tested on animals, contains no animal products (with goat's milk being the exception), no detergents, no sulphates (SLS) or sugar solution, and only the crystal clear melt and pour soap base contains surfactant. Surfactant is a coconut-derived substance used for extra clarity. All our products are also biodegradable and odour-free, contain no artificial colouring and come unfragranced. These bases are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with the exception of goat's milk for vegans.

The finished product is a melt and pour soap that has a full, luscious and moisturising lather. You can customise your soap to personal preference as soap-friendly fragrance oils, essential oils and dyes can all be added to the base. The base can also be set and remelted numerous times (as long as it has not been burnt or boiled initially) and has a long shelf life.

Please Note: The outcome of dyeing soaps will vary dependent on which base is used.


How to Make Melt and Pour Soap

Step 1: Preparation
Prepare your melt and pour base by cutting the block into smaller pieces for quick and easy melting. This can be done easily by using any sharp knife and a standard cutting board from the kitchen. Ensure both knife and board are clean and dry before use. If you do not require the whole block, measure the amount needed and cut the block accordingly. Cutting down the block is essential as melting the base as a whole will take far too long and could cause the base to burn. 

Step 2: Melting
There are two possible methods to melt a soap base: using a microwave or a double boiler. It is up to personal preference which process you choose. However, it is essential that there is no residual water in whatever receptacle you use so ensure your containers are clean and dry before melting!

Method 1: Microwave
First, you will need to find a heat-resistant glass measuring cup or container and some Glad wrap. Place your base into the glass container, cover with Glad wrap to prevent excess moisture escaping and microwave on high for around 30 seconds. The more soap you are melting, the longer the process will take. However, it is generally best to melt the soap in small batches to prevent burning or boiling the soap. It is also essential to stir the base between each interval to optimise the melting process. For example, after the first 30 seconds stir the soap base and then melt for another 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat until melted.

Please Note: The power of your microwave will affect the time it takes to melt the soap. The type of base you are using will also affect melting times as different bars have different melting temperatures. The soap should be melting at around 60 degrees.

Method 2: Double Boiler on Stove
Prepare your double boiler so the water in the lower pan/bowl is boiling. Ensure the lower pan has sufficient water to melt the base entirely and is not boiling too rapidly. Once you have prepared the double boiler, place the soap base into the upper container (remember you will need to pour from this container). You may also cover this to prevent excess moisture escaping from the soap whilst it is being melted. However, this is not essential. You will also need to stir the base to ensure thorough melting. This method makes it far easier to monitor the soap for burning or boiling.

Please Note: The type of base you are using will also affect melting times as different bars have different melting temperatures. The soap should be melting at around 60 degrees.

Step 3: Additives
Once the base has thoroughly melted, you may introduce any soap-friendly dye, fragrance oil or essential oil. Once you have introduced these to the base, ensure the additives are mixed thoroughly to prevent an uneven spread. You must also ensure you do not over-stir the base as it will cause excess air bubbles and can ruin transparency of the clear soaps.

Step 4: Pouring
Ensure your silicone moulds are clean, have no residual moisture and are on a level surface. Pour your soap base into the moulds slowly and steadily to prevent excess air bubbles. Make sure you do not overfill the bases as overflowing will cause deformation of your soap bars. Once you have poured your base into the mould, spray some rubbing alcohol onto the base to remove any air bubbles which have appeared. Let your soap cool and harden completely before moving or removing the moulds. You can place the moulds in a refrigerator. However, moving the mould may damage the soap's appearance.

Step 5: Removing the Soap
Gently remove your soaps from the moulds by slowly popping out each individual bar. Ensure that you do not remove the soap prematurely as this can damage the final product.

Please see our Soap Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in our learning section on our home page for more information. If you'd like to use a fragrance oil in your soaps, please see each fragrance oil product information for recommended quantities.

What others are saying

  1. Value
    Wonderful soap CB - on 23/08/2019

    Quite easy to work with, has a lovely finish, sometimes bubbly, but not a big deal. Lathers nicely. Just wish there was a bulk buy discount as this soap is quite pricey compared to other goat melt and pour soaps. But you do get a better product. So worth the extra dollars.

  2. Price
    worthwhile the wait! indy - on 8/06/2019

    glad to have goat milk avail again. was using a different brand whilst there was no stock but it was so difficult to work with.

    Eroma's goat milk product is the best, easy to work with, doesn't clumb, takes additional herbs and essential oils, and have lovely creamy colour!

    please make it available to us all the time!

  3. Quality
    highly recommend it to everyone Anne Nguyen - on 12/03/2019

    Melts perfectly
    delicate and creamy lather that softens skin and moisturises
    highly recommend it to everyone
    love it
    thanks you Eroma

  4. Quality
    AMZING, best ever!!! Juzzy - on 18/11/2018

    Once again ive gotten the melt and pour eroma brand. So superior to all other brands ive used. I got 2 kilos this time and i was not aware that the loaf holds 1.2 kilos which ended up holding 1.6 kilos. I love using this with activate charcoal. ill have one half normal with scent and poppie seeds and second will be mixed with 2 teaspoons of the activated charcoal and fragrance, and i pour the white base the over straight away with the charcoal,
    The soap cures fast, no need to add anything as the has the best lather and bubble ever and even use on my face as i have problems with very oily skin and soon as i walk out of the shower it just the dry lovley feeling with no sweat or oily skin, and friends are constantly coming over and using it and end up taking a bar home with them.
    Im a candle maker and this is just to easy, ive tried 4 other brands and they never lather or bubble and leave you feeling oily and are hard to work with,
    This is hands down best melt and pour goats milk base ive EVER used and highly recommend it to everyone

  5. Quality
    Best I've used brad - on 19/11/2017

    Best Goats Milk i've used yet. Beautiful to swirls as you can get it to such low temps..

  6. Quality
    Love this soap Barb - on 19/09/2017

    Been using this soap and love it but its been out of stock for ages, help!!!!!

  7. Quality
    Top seller TashG - on 30/05/2016

    My customers buy this ten bars at a time. They can't get enough of it. I add extracts and such to the base, and it takes them perfectly. Several customers with skin conditions say it's the best they've ever used, with one man proudly able to wear short sleeves for the first time in over a decade.

  8. Quality
    Best Soap EVER Carina - on 15/05/2016

    Of all the Goats Milk bases on the market in Australia, and I have tried them all, this is by far the best. Melts perfectly, has a lovely creamy smell even without fragrance, and moulds beautifully. Lathers up to a rich creamy bubbly lather in seconds. Must be wrapped straight way like any non low sweat melt and pour.

  9. Quality
    Simply the best! Despina - on 1/09/2015

    The best Giats Milk soap base on the market! I absolutely love it and my customers can't get enough of it

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