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3 options for setting up a business email for your candle company.

Posted by The Eroma Team on 13-Dec-2017 09:09:36

business email blog.png


If you've decided to take the plunge into starting a candle business and you're ready to start getting your brand out there, one the best ways to establish a professional presence is by setting up business email for your candle company. As you're most likely aware, most businesses will employ the use of their own domain in their email address(es). This will typically look something like "[email protected]".

In this article, we're going to walk through three different options available for using your very own business email here in Australia. This is a great way to establish professionalism with your candle brand from day one.



The Different Options

There a few different services available which allow you to use your own business email. We've outlined some of our recommendations below and provided some of the key differences between them:


1. G Suite by Google

For as little as $5 per month Google can provide everything you need to get your online business up and running (with regards to web services such as email). G suite is simple to setup, can grow with at the same pace as your candle business and doesn't cost the earth. This is certainly one of our recommendations for your online business tools. For as little as $5 per month, Google provides the following services:


> Business Email through Gmail (perfect!)

> 30GB of Google Drive Storage

> Access to the full suite of Google Docs for working online

> Free 14 day trial

g suite pricing

You can read through the other options G Suite has available and sign up for an account by clicking here. If you don't currently have your own domain name and your looking to start completely from scratch, Google also offer domain registration as part of their sign up process. Click the button below to check out G suite email options:


check out G suite


2. Crazy Domains

Australia based company, Crazy Domains have an option available for business email that starts at just $3.50 per month (based on purchasing 120 months up front mind you!). Crazy Domains, like Google, provide an option to either host your own email address using a domain that you already own or ti register a domain and email in a single purchase.

If you're starting from scratch (i.e. you don't have your own domain name yet), a good option to consider with Crazy Domains is their online startup package. For $119(AUD) they include a domain, email and website hosting - everything you need to establish your online presence from the ground up. You can view this option by going to this link and clicking on "packages" at the top of the page or by clicking on it in their featured products scroll as outlined in the image below.


Crazy Domains packages.png

 check out Crazy Domains



3. Online Starter Bundle from Go Daddy.

The third option to look into for a business email address is Go Daddy's "Online Starter Bundle". This is slightly more expensive than the G Suite option as it starts at $5.99 per month with a 2 year purchase required.

go daddy email pricing


One key benefit that Go Daddy has to offer is simple upgrading of your account to include Microsoft Office Online. For $9.99 per user/per month you can also make use of Microsoft Office Online. If Office is a platform you're comfortable with and would like to continue using, this is a good option.

You can read more about the Go Daddy professional email option and sign up for an account here.



Whilst these are only a few of the many hundreds of options out there, we found that these are among the simplest to set up at a competitive price - perfect for the busy chandler! We would probably give G Suite the highest recommendation out of the three at this stage but please let us know what you think in the comment section below. We're always interested to hear what platforms our candle makers have found success with.