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  • IGI 6006a Soy/Paraffin Container Wax IGI 6006a Soy/Paraffin Container Wax

IGI 6006a Soy/Paraffin Container Wax

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IGI 6006a Soy/Paraffin Container Wax
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18.8 kg
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Candle Appearance: Opaque colours with a smooth/creamy appearance.

Blend Consistency: Soft

Usage: Containers, Tealights

Melt Point: Approximately 52.5°C

Pour Temp: Approximately 76°C

Description: IGI 6006a Soy/Paraffin Container Wax is an economical single-pour blend suitable for containers. This wax is a pre-mixed paraffin and soy blend which offers the best of both worlds: the fragrance throw and easy burn of paraffin, and the appealing look and usability of soy. This wax has great adherence to jars and containers. This wax can hold a fragrance load of up to 10%. This wax has great hot and cold throw. This wax comes in slab form. Each slab is approximately 4.5kg (470mm X 300mm). There are 4 slabs in each box.

What others are saying

  1. Quality
    Perfect Chloe - on 30/03/2022

    great to blend 100 percent soy waxes with

  2. Price
    Okay Kel - on 17/03/2021

    This wax is messy to work with but it hold scent amazingly and colours well unfortunately it also doesn’t like to adhere to the glassware or wicks and then needs to be hit with a heat gun several times to make it look okay.

  3. Quality
    Great product Ci - on 9/08/2020

    Great wax. Scent throw is amazing, which makes me wonder what the paraffin to soy ratio is? Can’t seem to find that info anywhere on the website. I definitely think that’s something that should be noted, especially for people with respiratory issues.

  4. Value
    great wax but... alana - on 27/11/2018

    This is an awesome wax, the scent throw - hot and cold- are superior but with the fragrance oils I have used, I have noticed a slight change in their scent profile. The scents smell different to what they do in straight soy wax and its not a good different. The fruity scents smell more sour which I dont like and so i'll be changing back to soy container blend.

  5. Value
    Perfect! Lily - on 4/04/2018

    Love this wax it is extremely easy to work with. Love the creamy white colour and throws an amazing smell, will buy again!!

  6. Value
    King of Waxes! Elixir - on 16/03/2018

    After previously using pure soy wax to then start using this product has been a great experience. It is nowhere near as temperamental as the other waxes. Not only does it adhere to the glass jars amazingly, but I find that rarely is there any frosting, dipping or any other issues (I pour at 70 degrees celsius). What is even better is that with just 10% fragrance, the cold and hot throw is phenomenal.

    I do find the wax to be sticky when they come in slabs (even when the weather is low humidity and max 23 degrees).

  7. Quality
    Perfect Sam - on 15/12/2017

    Love this wax. Great creamy white colour and great burn. Fragrance throw is excellent. Definitely recommend.

  8. Quality
    Learning! Gay - on 12/11/2017

    Could i ask at what temp works for those who have reviewed on this wax.

  9. Quality
    Love it Vic - on 5/09/2017

    Love this wax. After using nothing but soy, this is brilliant. Great hot or cold throw. Highly recommended

  10. Quality
    Perfect Choice Danni - on 15/07/2017

    Sets beautifully smooth with a shimmery glow, much better than just using soy wax!

  11. Price
    Love it Judy - on 10/09/2016

    love this. Both hot and cold throw are amazing. Perfect results everytime. Not as tempermental as other waxes.

  12. Quality
    Love it Judy - on 9/06/2016

    Have been using this for awhile. Just love it. Perfect results everytime. Looks rich and smooth and creamy. Great hot and cold scent throw.

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