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  • IGI 6046A Coconut/Paraffin Container Wax IGI 6046A Coconut/Paraffin Container Wax

IGI 6046A Coconut/Paraffin Container Wax

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IGI 6046A Coconut/Paraffin Container Wax
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IGI 6046A Coconut/Paraffin Container Wax

Melting Temperature: 48°C - 50°C

Pouring Temperature: 79°C +/- 15°C

Max Fragrance: 10%

Suitable Applications: Container candles, tealights Description: IGI 6046A is a proprietary blend of coconut and paraffin wax and is specially designed for use in container candles. It combines the excellent scent throw of paraffin, with the slow burn of coconut, making it a perfect choice for both beginner and experienced candle makers. This wax is characteristically very soft and has a bright white colour, it also has excellent glass adhesion, making it perfect for clear and transparent containers.

Note: This wax was previously named IGI 6570.

What others are saying

  1. Quality
    So far, so good! L996 - on 29/01/2020

    Pro's: Beautiful colour and the finished look is perfect every time. Smooth tops and a beautiful creamy white appearance (some fragrance oils have discoloured the wax slightly but that's to be expected). The wax burns nicely so far. I've tested two out of the 16 candles that I've made and so far, I'm happy with the results.

    Con's: It is slightly annoying to cut the wax from the giant block that it arrives in. Im guessing they can't offer this wax in slab form though because it's so soft, so I guess that makes sense but that was the only negative that I have with it.

    Conclusion: Definitely give this wax a try. I'm enjoying using it so far and the fragrance throw is pretty good! :-)

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