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How To Make Candles for Beginners


Learn how to make luxury soy wax candles for business or pleasure using our easy step-by-step video for beginner candle makers.

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The EROMA Candle Making Kit has been thoughtfully designed for beginners and is the best way to learn how to make candles. Using a Candle Making Kit removes the need for testing and trying different combinations and ensures you get a great result everytime!

Step 1 - Setting up the Glassware

Make sure your glassware is completely clean and dry in preparation for candle making. Any residue inside the glass could have an affect on your candles. 

To begin setting up the glassware, first remove the backing paper from one of your wick stickums and attach the stickum to the bottom of the base of the wick. Then carefully align the bottom of the wick with the center of your glass. Press down firmly to secure the wick.

Next thread the wick through the wick holder, lightly pull on the wick to give it tension and secure in place using a wooden peg.

Step 2 - Melting and Pouring the Wax

We recommend the double boiler method to melt the wax.

Use one block of soy wax for every 2 candles you make. Ensure that the wax reaches a temperature of approximately 75°C using the mercury thermometer provided.

Alternatively, use a microwave and microwave safe container (not included) to melt the wax.

Once molten, pour the wax into the 1 litre wax pouring jug.

Step 3 - Mixing and Pouring the Fragrance

Choose one of the fragrance oils, pour it into the molten wax and combine thoroughly using the included bamboo stirring stick. Once well mixed, slowly pour the combined wax and fragrance into the two glasses you prepared earlier.

Be sure to leave approximately 1cm from the top of the glass rim and the top surface of the wax. Now let your candle set and cure overnight (or if you just can't wait at least until the wax has completely hardened!).

Step 4 - Finishing the Candle

Once completely set, remove the wick holder and peg, and then trim the wick to approximately 1cm above the wax.

Flip your candle over and attach the warning labels to the base of the candle.

Voila! You have now created your first luxury soy wax candle! Simply repeat the process for every two candles.

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If you have any questions or concerns when you are making your candles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team. You can use the 'live chat' function on our website, fill out a query form on our 'Contact us' page or book a call back from one of our friendly team.