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Scroll down to see a range of frequently asked questions about our wicks

What is the best way to trim the wick?

The best way to trim the wick is to use wick trimmers.

How high should I initially trim it?

Trim the wick to approximately 1cm above the wax.

How do I secure the wick in a container?

You can use a wick stickum which is a double-sided, spongey sticker that can be used to secure a wick to a container. The preferred option of most candle makers is to use a hot melt glue gun. We sell a low temperature mini gun which is very cost effective and safe to use. This can be used to glue wicks into tins, glassware, ceramics, et cetera.

How do I centre the wick?

Before you pour the wax, attach a small or large wick stickum to the pre-tabbed wick and centre it in the bottom of the container. Then straighten the wick and push through the wooden wick holder and hold in place with a peg.

Should I double-wick my candles?

More single-wicked candles are sold in the marketplace, but there are certain instances when a double-wicked candle might produce a more efficient burn. A few reasons why a double-wicked candle might be a better choice are:

  • Candles are generally burned for about 4 hours depending on manufacturers’ recommendations. If the diameter of the container is 10cm or larger, you may not get a complete liquid layer over the top with just one wick in this time period.
  • An odd shape such as a large rectangle, square or oval rather than a smaller circular shape may require more than one wick.
  • A double-wicked candle will burn more completely, utilising all of the wax, but keep in mind that the wicks need to be evenly spaced and not too close to the edge of the container.
  • The most important thing to consider is a safe and efficient burning candle. More than one wick produces more than one flame.
  • Along with safety, consumers want a candle that burns well and produces a pleasing hot throw. With this in mind, you must conduct multiple burn tests to get the safe and proper results you need.

How do I double-wick my candle?

When double-wicking a candle divide the diameter in half and select the appropriate wick for that burn diameter. The idea is that the two diameters combined while burning should equal the total diameter of the jar. For example, half of an 80mm diameter candle is 40mm. Set each of the two wicks in the container half way between the middle and the outside edge. You may need to shift toward the middle slightly if you can tell the flames will touch the mouth or side of the container.

Wick spools to make your own wicks

You will need to coat the raw wick in soy wax. An unwaxed wick will not perform correctly. Once the wick is dry you will then need to attach a wick tab to the bottom.

Are your wooden wick products sustainable?

Our supplier has advised that all of their products follow safe and sustainable forestry practices. They only purchase from mills that have the FSC certification. The finished product is all natural and treated with a clean, patented burning agent.

The wax is drowning the wick and extinguishing the candle

There are two main reasons for this. It could be because the candle had not been burnt for long enough for the wax pool to reach the sides of the candle jar. It is imperative the candle burns until the wax melts to the edge of the glass every time it is lit to ensure the maximum and most effective burn. This can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours generally. The other reason could be that the burn diameter of the wick is not large enough for the jar or vessel. You may need to go up a size in your wick selection.

The wood wick is smoking

There are two main reasons why a candle is smoking: the candle may be in a draught or the wick is too long. Move the candle out of the draught, extinguish the flame, let the candle cool down and trim the wick back to 4mm and remove any excess wick from the jar. Candles can also smoke if there is too much fragrance.

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