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Scroll down to see what you need to start making your own luxury scented candles




Three blocks of soy wax

Eroma is proud to be the largest wholesaler of soy wax in Australia and we carry a wide variety of soy, palm, vegetable and paraffin waxes from some of the best brands in the world, including Summit and Golden Wax. We suggest reading over our candle wax guide in order to learn more about selecting the optimal wax for your candle. Please be aware that all our candles waxes are different and each has different relevant attributes, melting points and pouring temperatures.

Fragrance Oil

In collaboration with Luxaroma, Eroma now proudly stocks over 500 different premium fragrances. Typical usage is around 10% or 100 grams of essential oil per 1000 grams of wax. However, we also recommend that everyone conducts their own testing. It is important to check the ‘Maximum Use’ percentages of each fragrance relevant to applications. Please also be aware that not all fragrances are soap and shower compatible so please check the individual product information for more details.

Vessel - Containers or Moulds

Candle tins and Oxford tumbler candle glassware

Depending on the type of candle you want to make, you'll want to pick a suitable container. Container candles are easier to make than pillar candles. We recommend starting with candle tins or frosted or coloured glassware that hide surface imperfections.


Eroma offers dye chips, dye blocks and liquid dye for candle colouring. We suggest reading over our candle colour guide in order to learn more about which type of candle dye would best suit your candles.


Eroma carries a number of different types of wicks and accessories to suit your candle. Wick selection will be based on a number of different variables, including the candle’s size, shape, colour, wax and fragrance. We stock wicks that are pre-cut and tabbed (these are recommended as they will perfectly fit some of our other products) or, alternatively, in spools. We also carry other wick accessories such as wick stickums, wick tabs and wick holders.



Pouring Pots

Pouring pot

Eroma stocks two different styles of pouring pots that are ideal for candle makers regardless of their experience level. These include the 1.8 litre aluminium pouring pots or the larger wax pouring jugs which come in both 1 litre3 litre and 5 litre capacity options.


A good set of scales is essential for weighing your wax and fragrance oil. We recommend our digital scales for ease of use and accuracy.

Heat Source

We recommend utilising the double boiler method and for this you will need a stove or a hot plate for melting your wax. Alternatively, you can purchase a specifically designed Candle Wax Melter.


Wax melts being pushed out of a mould

Eroma carries a wide variety of candle moulds, including pillar, votive, clamshell and other unique designs. We also offer our customers candle mould accessories such as a mould pin and mould pin locator.


A thermometer is critical to monitor the temperature of the wax. You can use a simple mercury thermometer or more sophisticated infrared thermometer for ease of use. Why is this so important? You need to know the temperature you are heating your wax to and also your pouring temperatures. Too cold and you may get cracking; too hot and you may unnecessarily evaporate your fragrance away before the candle sets. The infrared thermometer is ideal as it has a long extension cord for hands-free candle making and monitoring of your temperature and alarms which can advise you when your wax has reached the correct temperature. We also carry a digital thermometer (our recommendation).

Miscellaneous Supplies

Paper towels, rubbing alcohol (an easy way to clean your pot before it cools completely), newspaper to cover your work surface, calculator, stirring utensil, stickums to attach your wicks to your vessel, wick holder/paddle pop stick to centre your wick. In addition, warning labels are necessary to provide proper burn instructions as well as general candle safety.


If you would like to gift your finished candles to someone, or even sell them, why not present them professionally in packaging specially made for our containers' sizes. Browse our range of boxes here.



After learning about the types of materials and equipment that you need to start making candles why not have a look at our Candle Kit - the ideal starting point for any candle maker's journey. You can also browse through our candle making kit guide for more information.

Candle making kit

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can call our customer service teams in Sydney on 02 8316 5530 or in Melbourne on 03 8372 1200, use the 'live chat' function on our website or fill out a query form on our 'Contact us' page.



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