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Reed diffusers are a simple, elegant and effective way to fragrance your home or any indoor environment without the need for an open flame. Scroll down to see our simple instructions on how to make a reed diffuser.





Reed Diffusers are made up of two different liquid components: fragrance and reed diffuser base; fragrance to scent your diffuser and reed diffuser base to help disperse the fragrance through the reeds. For optimum diffuser results you want to try to ensure the diffuser base and added fragrance deplete at a consistent rate and promote a capillary action (The ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, external forces like gravity).

Generally, the more fragrance-heavy your ratio, the more potent the fragrance throw of your diffuser can be. However, this comes with a trade off as it will slow the diffusion and vica versa.

We recommend starting at a ratio of 80% diffuser oil to 20% fragrance oil and using this as a benchmark to conduct your own testing to obtain what you find works best for you.

Please be aware that many factors affect the scent throw of your home fragrance. Click through to our Reed Diffuser FAQ page to find out how to get the best out of your homemade fragrance diffusers.


First off, check the relevant diffuser glassware product page to find out the volume of your diffuser vessel. In this instance the Tall Boston Diffuser glass can hold 210mls of diffuser oil unscented. Once this has been confirmed we can then calculate the measurements of fragrance oil and diffuser base.

Using the recommended 80:20 ratio of diffuser base to fragrance, we're looking at 168mls of diffuser base oil and 42mls of fragrance oil.

Once you have calculated the relevant measurements of liquids, simply pour the liquids into the measuring jug and stir slowly but thoroughly to ensure the base and fragrance are properly combined.



Now that you have your diffuser liquid ready, it is time to pour. Prepare the glassware by removing the watertight cap (making sure you keep it on hand in case you wish to re-seal the diffusers so they can be sold and transported).

Carefully pour the mixture into the diffuser glass, trying your best not to spill any liquid. Now re-seal your diffuser glassware with the plastic cap and screw on your favourite diffuser lid and your diffuser will be ready to be sold alongside some diffuser reeds. Alternatively, screw on your favourite diffuser lid, insert your diffuser reeds and use straight away!

That's it! You have yourself a brand new reed diffuser. It's easy when you know how!


Some Things to Note

Always keep diffuser bases and fragrance oils out of reach of children and pets. Consult a fragrance's MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on its product page to inform yourself of any possible hazards when using a fragrance oil. All of our fragrance oils are suitable to mix with diffuser bases and to use in diffuser oils. Cover the worktop or table you are at with newspaper to protect it in case of spilling any fluid. Please be careful of your clothes too. We suggest you wear gloves to avoid any oil residue transferring to your hands.

Need Help? Get in touch!

If you have any questions or concerns when you are making your candles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.You can use the 'live chat' function on our website, fill out a query form on our 'Contact us' page or book a call back from one of our friendly team.