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In light of the recent announcement in Victoria regarding trade restrictions, effective Immediately we are temporarily ceasing access to pick up orders from our Melbourne Warehouse.
All orders will be dispatched via couriers that will be collecting daily. The Melbourne Showroom will also remain closed.
We are committed to the health & safety of our customers and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Scroll down to see our tips and techniques about centring your candle wicks

One of the most important factors which affects the performance of a candle is the position of the wick. The position and shape of your wick will always impact the quality and performance of your candle so it is important to always try to have it straight and centred.

Please note that wicks that have taken on a new position or shape can cause the flame to waver and potentially cause heat damage to the glass.



To help produce a nice centred wick for container/glassware candles, we always suggest using our Wick Stickums (which come in both 15mm and 20mm sizes) to centre and secure the wick to the bottom of the container. To ensure a straight wick throughout the candle all the way to the top, you can also utilise Wick Holders.



We always recommend using our Votive Wick pins when making votive candles. For pillar candles we also offer the Mould Pin Locator which features several grooves to make it compatible with all of our moulds (big and small) as well as two different sizes of mould pins (Mould Pin [A] - suitable for the smaller diameter moulds and Mould Pin [B] - suitable for the larger diameter moulds).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can call our customer service teams in Sydney on 02 8316 5530 or in Melbourne on 03 8372 1200, use the 'live chat' function on our website or fill out a query form on our 'Contact us' page.



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