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preventing mushrooming and excess carbon.

Occasionally soy candles can produce an effect known as 'mushrooming' or excess carbon which causes a mushroom shape to form at the end of the candle wick after burning. This is the result of excess carbon buildup and is also characterised by a flame that burns very bright because it is consuming more wax than it can burn.

The excess carbon can eventually fall off the wick and into the burn pool. This is commonly attributed to a wick that is too large. 



To help prevent mushrooming, one of the most effective remedies is simply using a smaller wick. Experiment with progressively smaller wick sizes. It is also good practice to continually trim the wick prior to burning. 

Check out our wick guide and our wicks FAQ page to help you make a more informed decision about the wicks you choose for your candle. 

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