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  • Liquid Soap Dye - Sage Soap and Cosmetic Dye Liquid Soap Dye - Sage Soap and Cosmetic Dye
  • Liquid Soap Dye - Sage Soap and Cosmetic Dye Liquid Soap Dye - Sage Soap and Cosmetic Dye

Liquid Soap Dye - Sage Soap and Cosmetic Dye

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Liquid Soap Colour Virtual
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Certified water soluble colourant for personal care products. Our liquid colourants are the most concentrated soluble colourants available. This provides perfect consistent colouring for ease of use in the lab and manufacturing. Our liquid dyes offer other advantages such as:

  • Ease of measurement, not commonly found in powdered dyes
  • Highly soluble in the manufacturing process
  • No dusting or particle matter as found with powder dye
  • Great consistency and colour for melt and pour soaps

Factors that may affect the amount of dye required for the desired shade include:

  • Some fragrances can react with the colourant resulting in slight discolouration
  • The variety of melt and pour soaps may have different absorption levels depending on what temperature the dye is being added at. The recommended temperature for manufacturing with dyes is under 85 degrees Celsius. Working at higher temperatures or prolonged exposure to heat can degrade the colours, causing fading and/or alteration.

Please Note: Testing should be conducted on a small scale before attempting a large batch.

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