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Inside Look: The Fragrances of Luxaroma

Posted by The Eroma Team on 28-Mar-2018 11:36:21

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Who We Are

What has a 40 year legacy of fragrance creation brought Luxaroma? Creativity, innovation and attention to detail. Fragrance perfumery creation is at the heart of everything we do and we strive to be the spark that drives your home fragrance business venture. To achieve our goal of creating a truly unmatched fragrance experience, we focus on fusing scent and memory together.


"To achieve our goal of creating a

truly unmatched fragrance experience,

we focus on fusing scent and memory together."



Scent has the potential to invoke powerful, lifelike memories. The right fragrance can instantly transform a relaxed, personal space into a holiday destination or can take you back to a vivid moment from your past. As the artisans of perfume, this impact is what we chase everyday.


Achieving Our Standards

Whilst we focus on our goal of creating the best fragrance oils in the world, creativity & innovation doesn't mean all that much if the right amount of attention is given to the day to day operations. Quality and consistency are our foundation - it's quality that ensures absolute consistency whether we're producing a fragrance for the very first time or whether we're simply topping up the stock levels of a classic. So, how do we achieve this? Like all great recipes and formulations, it all starts with your ingredients.


"Like all great recipes & formulations,

it all starts with your ingredients."


We only use the world’s best suppliers who have a legacy of their own and their own stringent quality process. After months of consideration & in house testing, we consider adding a raw material supplier to our approved suppliers list – but this is only one element of quality assurance. Every time a raw material lands in our facility, it is thoroughly checked and signed off before it is able to be used in a production run. Colour consistency, odour profile and previous specifications must be met before approval can be given. 


Quality Control

After a fragrance has been produced using precision weighing equipment, the finished product is put through its own quality control process. Each and every fragrance batch that is manufactured must meet the exact same specifications of the previous batch and the overall specifications for that particular fragrance. This is done through the use of a stringent sign off process for each stage of the production.

For the final check, our lead perfumer performs a real-world review of the finished odour profile. Without final approval at this stage, the fragrance will not pass quality control measures or be cleared for sale. 


"For the final check, our lead perfumer performs

a real-world review of the finished odour profile."


Being the manufacturer of the fragrance oils (rather than simply importing them), gives us full end-to-end control of the fragrance quality. We deliver this same quality to EROMA and when you peel the foil off a bottle and mix it with your molten wax or Reed Diffuser Base, you have that quality guarantee in your final product as well.  


You can browse the entire collection of over 500 Luxaroma fragrance by clicking below: