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  • Mould Pin (B) Mould Pin (B)


Mould Pin (B)

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Universal Mould Pin Kits
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Description: This is a mould pin suitable for the larger diameter moulds.

Please note: You will also need to purchase the mould pin locator in order to centre the pin in the middle of the mould.

Pin Diameter:3mm

Questions and Answers

Q. How does the wick pin work with the mould?

A. The wick pin works simply by sliding through the hole of the mould pin locator once the locator is in position on the open top of the mould. Once the wick pin is through the locator hole, slide all the way to the bottom of the mould where you will see a small hole. Once the wick pin is sitting in the hole in the mould, you are now done.

Q. What will stop the pin from going all the way through the hole in the mould and stop any wax leaking out?

A. All you will need is some good strong tape, for example duct tape works perfectly as would a good quality electrical tape. Make sure to leave no gaps around the bottom of the mould. Also, this is not a long-term fix and you will need to change the tape after a few uses with that particular mould.

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