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  • Nag Champa Fragrance Oil Nag Champa Fragrance Oil


Nag Champa

Quick Overview

Nag Champa
Sku Price Delivery Type Stock Available Quantity
$115.67 / 1 Litre

51 available

182 available


$79.43 / 1 Litre

49 available

213 available


$67.88 / 1 Litre

28 available

128 available


$64.40 / 1 Litre

11 available

36 available



Nag Champa is an Indian fragrance commonly found in incense. It contains a large portion of sandalwood essential oils with notes of frangipani, patchouli, vanilla, musk and amber. Sure to become a top selling oil.

Top Notes: Cinnamon bark and grassy

Middle Notes: Earthy and patchouli

Base Notes: Amber and woody


Candle Use YES max usage: 10%
Body Use YES max usage: 5%
Liquid Soap Use YES max usage: 1%
Lotion Use YES max usage: 0.5%
Diffuser Use YES max usage: 25%
Room Spray Use YES max usage: 1%
Flashpoint >93ᵒC
Contains Vanillin YES 2.75%

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What others are saying

  1. Price
    Deep and Rich - Love this fragrance Nag Champa - on 20/11/2020

    I have used this fragrance in both Melt and Pour and Cold Process soap. It behaves well and seemed to slow down trace in CP soap. The fragrance develops and becomes deeper as it cures. Truly a beauty!

  2. Price
    Love It!! Melinda - on 6/07/2020

    If you want a strong smelling candle then this is the one for you. I love Nag Champa incense and it smells exactly the same. The only thing I've noticed is that when the soy wax cools after a burn the wax that had melted has turned blue. For this reason I will only use in coloured containers/jars.

  3. Quality
    THIS IS THE BEST Deslie - on 19/09/2018

    I absolutely love this. It has to be the favourite to all the family and customers. If you want a strong hippy smell through your house this is the one. Trust me you won't be disappointed...

  4. Quality
    A Devine Fragrance - Must Have Nikhil - on 12/04/2016

    What a wonderful fragrance and a must have for every candle-maker. This is the true fragrance of Nag Champa incense which I had bought from a trip to India.
    The fragrance note starts sweet, turns to woody and leaves you in a mystical world. A client of mine runs a meditation group and once I gave him a sample melt. Since then, he has become my permanent customer.
    Please never, never, never discontinue this fragrance. I smell of Nag Champa after every make of these candles.
    Natural Candle Supply you have my three cheers for giving us this fragrance.

  5. Quality
    A true rendition of the famous incense. journeysoycandles - on 30/03/2016

    Since this fragrance was released its been a staple in my fragrance pantry.

    Works well across all mediums, in particular CP soap. Behaves beautifully, and has awesome fragrance retention 3 months on. In fact, as the soap cures the fragrance becomes deeper and more well-rounded.

    Did you know that the Grateful Dead used to burn nag champa incense at their concerts?

  6. Quality
    Love this. Cher - on 17/02/2016

    Wow !!! I was devastated thinking this was discontinued as it was mine and most of my customers favourite !!! Very happy to see it listed. Gorgeous strong hippie type smell, for those who love their strong earthy fragrances.

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