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Every month Eroma sends out an electronic newsletter straight to your inbox! This email is full of new products, competitions and more! The newsletter always features our 10 new fragrances for that month and we also include tips on candle creating and improving your business.

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What's in our monthly email?

A big part of our monthly email is our competitions. We always post our competitions in our newsletters so, regardless of which social channels you're a part of, you'll always be across our competitions with a chance to win!

We also feature competitions that are exclusively advertised in our monthly email. Our main competition is our Name That Fragrance Competition which is run through our monthly email. This is where you get the chance to name one of our new candle fragrances! Imagine that! And if you're the successful winner, you will receive $200 to spend at; in one instance the prize money was jackpotted to $600!

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Our monthly email is also home to our New Fragrances!
Every month we have new candle fragrances released and we put them straight in the newsletter! This way our customers can open up our email and have quick access to our new fragrances; no hassle, no fuss!

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New Products! We love featuring our new products in our monthly emails! As most of our customers work full time and have busy lifestyles, they might miss our new products when they're released, but not if they're subscribed to our monthly newsletter; the new products come straight to their inbox!

Our monthly email contains some other fun things like candle making tips, tips to help develop your business and more! Sign up today and we could help you grow your business, or even just pick up a fun hobby.

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