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Olympos (Matt White) Wooden Oil Burner - Matt Black Ceramic

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Wooden Oil Burners
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Liquid Quantity: 120mls (Note: This is the max quantity to fill the bowl to the brim. However, we do recommend allowing some room for expansion and to prevent spillage.)

Weight: 511 grams

Description: The matt black 'Olympos' oil burner is an exciting addition to our new range of wooden oil burners! Due to the hand crafting of this exquisite product, there are minor variations between burners. The bowl and tealight holder are both removable, meaning cleaning to reduce cross-contamination is effortless and any risk of the wood warping because of water exposure is eliminated. It is elegant in design and feel, creating a relaxing undertone for any room. A quality finish provides the burner with protection from residue of essential oils or wax melts. A quick rinsing of the bowl under hot water will eliminate any traces that would cause cross-contamination.

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