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  • Palm Stearic Acid Palm Stearic Acid

Palm Stearic Acid

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Palm Stearic Acid
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Palm Stearic Acid is a triple-pressed, all natural additive that is used widely in the candle industry for many reasons but mainly to allow a higher fragrance loading, to reduce sweating and to harden the natural soy wax.

The typical usage is between 1 and 3% volume (for example, use 10 to 30 grams of Palm Stearic Acid per 1,000 grams of wax). If using in excess of 1 to 3%, this can have an effect of a reduction in fragrance release in both hot and cold throws. Finally, we advise that palm stearic acid should not be needed in most circumstances, so only try this if you are experiencing issues with sweating in hot climates.

Please note: It is best to melt your palm stearic acid with your wax and melt to at least 80 degrees Celsius and mix together really well. You can then add your colour and fragrance before pouring.

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