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PRO WICKS HTP 126 - 200mm Long 20mm x 6mm Tab

Quick Overview

PRO WICKS HTP 126 - 200mm Long 20mm x 6mm Tab
Sku Price Delivery Type Stock Available Quantity
20 of
$0.16 / wick

86 available

293 available


100 of
$0.13 / wick

10 available

20 available


1000 of
$0.08 / wick

8 available

27 available



Wick Information
Length: 200mm
Burn Diameter: 66mm
Tab Size: 20mm x 6.0mm x 3.0mm
CDN equivalent: n/a
CSN equivalent: CSN 26

Description: Our recommended wick for Soy Wax is the HTP range, this is due to the fact that these wicks have been specially made for such waxes. The HTP wick in made out of all natural fibres and they contain no lead or other harmful metals. They are easy to use and require no extra work other than a trim before burning. Let no wick go to waste by re-tabbing your offcuts and using them for tealight of votive wicks.

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