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  • PW Wooden Wick Thin 1 PW Wooden Wick Thin 1

PW Wooden Wick Thin 1 80mm x 7mm

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PW Wooden Wick Thin 1
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Dimensions: 80mm x 7mm
Thickness: 0.5mm (Thin)

Description: The Pro Wicks Wooden wicks range burn a natural like crackling flame, creating a campfire ambiance. These wooden wicks are created using premium grade maple wood. Each pack comes with 20 wooden wicks and 22 sustainer tabs. The new type of sustainer tabs to secure your wooden wick at the base is designed to provide more rigidity and flexibility in terms of how you position your wick. Wicks can be cut easily with scissors and should be trimmed to 6-8mm above the wax surface.

Please Note: It is crucial to conduct your own testing to identify the optimum settings for your products.

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