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Ruby Red

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Ruby Red
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Description: Add some colour to your candles with our dye chips. Easy to mix into molten wax, these dye chips are a clean and economical way to theme your candles to special occasions and holidays. They work well in both soy wax and palm wax. Each colour in the photos was produced using a ratio of one dye chip per 500 grams of wax. You can darken or lighten the shades by using more or dye chips to wax.

Please Note: The colours in the pictures are representations only. Your own testing must always be done for a true colour representation and before pouring your candle batches. Colours and shades may vary from pour to pour.

What others are saying

  1. Quality
    RED HOT RICHNESS Lyn - on 22/08/2016

    Great colour no matter what strength level you use. Blends excellently in GW464 & PB. The deepness of this colour is a classic and most definitely deserves place in your stock.

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