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Eroma has always been at the forefront of the candle making industry.

The founders originally created one of the most well-known candle brands in Australia, Ecoya, widely known for introducing soy wax candles to Australia and New Zealand.

Following this Eroma was created to fuel economic growth in the candle making industry. Both founders of Ecoya and Eroma were originally international pilots and by relentlessly exploring the globe candle makers now have seamless access to the most inspiring opportunities from around the world.

Eroma leads the industry with multiple showroom and distribution outlets in Australia and manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Dong Guan China. This allows customers to purchase from Australia on short lead times or as they grow and want larger quantities and economies of scale they can purchase and ship directly from our China factory.

We also have a strong presence in fragrance oils and are known as the market leader in high quality fragrance oils for candles. Our fragrance oils are highly concentrated and the most cost competitive in Australia, and are all Australian made which is very rare in the candle industry.

With over 100 employees across our group of companies and growing rapidly we continue to lead the industry with our unsurpassed knowledge and our vertical integration.

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