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Here at Eroma we are very excited to announce that we can now offer lid embossing and debossing for a range of our metal lids! Using embossed lids on your candleware is just another great way to stamp your brand on your products and make your work distinctive as well as instantly recognisable.

What is Embossing?

Embossing is described as "carving, moulding or stamping a design on (a surface or object) so that it stands out in relief". Below are some examples of our Eroma logo embossed on our Oxford metal lids:

Eroma embossed metal lid closeup
White metal lid with Eroma brand name embossed
Eroma brand name embossed onto a black metal lid

What is Debossing?

Debossing is described as "stamping (a design) onto the surface of an object so that it is indented". Below are some examples of our Eroma logo debossed onto our Oxford metal lids:

Eroma debossed metal lid closeup
White metal lid with Eroma brand name debossed
Eroma brand name embossed onto a black metal lid

Types of lids available for embossing and debossing effects

Eroma's embossing and debossing stencils are currently available for our Oxford range in Black, White or Sand Effect Metal Lids.

Candles with black metal lids
Candles with white metal lids
Candles with sand effect metal lids

The Process

There are three parts to customising your metal lids.

Part One

The first step is getting in touch with Eroma's Customisation Team to discuss availing of this service by filling out our enquiry form.

Part Two

The second step is the one-off purchase of your design's stencil. To emboss or deboss your design onto our lids, the Eroma team creates a stencil to use. The cost of this stencil is a one-off payment. After you have purchased your stencil, you can re-use it as many times as you like in further orders, absolutely free of charge.

Part Three

The third step is then choosing how many lids you would like to have embossed or debossed and supplying your lid design.
(For your first order there is a minimum of 288 lids required.)

Please note: You will need to supply your artwork as an Adobe Illustrator/EPS/Vector file. Your design can be your company's logo, your own illustration or text, for example a quote. Unfortunately full colour graphics or photographs cannot be embossed or debossed onto the lids.

Once the sample has been approved, the estimated time of arrival to Sydney or Melbourne is seven weeks. The estimated time of arrival for subsequent orders will be just up to four weeks because your stencil will have already been created in the previous order.

All stencils are designed specially to fit our machinery, remain the property of Eroma and are kept on file by the Eroma customisation team to enable us to produce future orders for you.

Maybe you would like something a bit more colourful?

If you would like your lid to be a specific colour, we can customise our Oxford lids for you to match a Pantone colour. To enable us to produce a custom coloured lid, you must provide us with the Pantone colour code. See Pantone's 2017 colour report here or browse the entire Pantone colour spectrum here. The minimum order for this service is 500 lids.

Here is just a handful of Pantone colours we can make for your lids

Pantone 2060 C
Pantone 2060 C
Pantone 17-3628
Pantone 17-3628
Pantone 15-3920
Pantone 15-3920
Pantone 14-5714
Pantone 14-5714
Pantone 13-0720
Pantone 13-0720
Pantone 19-1435 TCX
Pantone 19-1435 TCX


Introductory embossed or debossed metal lid offer

For a limited time Eroma is offering our customers a one-off payment of $199 for their lid design stencil! (Cost of lids not included).

Your first order will include a charge of $199 for the lid stencil and then price of the lids, and then for every other custom lid purchase thereafter you will only be charged for the lids as the stencil cost is a one-off payment with the first order.

If you would like more information about this offer, please fill out our enquiry form.

This is a fantastic introductory offer. Once the term for this special price expires, the cost of a stencil will be $300 so hurry to take advantage of this incredible discount!


To place an order or to ask our team a question, please complete an enquiry form.

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