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Eroma can take your branding to the next step with custom screen printing services!


When you purchase glassware from us we can screen print designs onto them for you. For example, you could use your company's logo, or a simple pattern that you have created.

The great advantage of screen printing is that the design is printed directly onto the glass. Unlike paper adhesive labels that need to be applied and then can sometimes get scratched and damaged, screen printing is much more durable.

We can do low volume glassware screen print runs from as little as approximately 200 units per design. This allows for significant savings and sound business operations as you are only ordering what you know you can store and sell.

We can screen print your logo in either ink or metallic foil onto your glassware. Our regular prices are $0.15 for ink screening per jar with a minimum of approximately 200 jars of the same size, colour and logo.



Achieving a luxurious look has never been easier than with foiling. We can elegantly foil your logo onto our glassware in three classic colours: silver, gold and rose-gold. Our regular price for a piece of luxury is just $0.30 per jar.

Silver foilingGold foiling



We offer branding and packaging solutions that are so powerful you will only ever want to deal with us: an Australian company that understands your business needs combined with the bulk-buying power of economies of scale.

Quality Assurance

Eroma also employs a powerful quality assurance team to ensure that all packaging aligns with our high-quality standards so you can rest assured that your end product result will be exemplary.

Major Clients

We support some of the biggest and best brands across Australia. Join us to take your brand to the next level!

In-house Services Completed by our Staff

All of our screen printing services are completed in-house by our staff using a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, premium quality materials and meticulous processes.



Please prepare your artwork as an EPS or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file. This is the required file type for our systems.

We will arrange a sample to be prepared and a picture sent to you for approval.

Once the sample has been approved, the estimated time of arrival to Sydney or Melbourne is six weeks.



Screen Printing & Logo Foiling - On your first order of custom glassware we will do free screen printing on our Danube, Oxford or diffuser glassware. We also can do screen printing onto the sides of our candle tins. To be eligible for this promotion you must order a minimum run of approximately 200 pieces. Our minimum run varies depending on the size of the glass and type. Some sizes and types may be slightly less than 200 pieces; others may be slightly more than 200 pieces. If you do not wish to order a minimum run (less than 200 pieces), we can still do custom printing for you but you will incur a small charge. Set-up costs will apply for all orders less than our required minimums.

To place an order or to ask our team a question, please complete an enquiry form.

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