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Wholesale Pricing


At Eroma, Australia’s largest candle making supplies provider, all our prices are wholesale for everybody, whether you’re buying supplies to make another six candles or 1,000.

There is no ABN required to view our products and services or shop on our site.

There are no minimum quantity restrictions to purchase our products but we do offer fantastic bulk-buying discounts. You can enjoy huge savings when you buy multiples of a product.

You can easily see the stock levels of each product on our website too. No matter the quantity you buy, we pass great cost-effectiveness on to you.

Each product goes through stringent quality assurance checks at the point of manufacture and then come straight to us at Eroma.

Quickly order and receive all the products you need to start making and selling candles and home fragrance products.

Shop now to take advantage of all of our fantastic deals across glassware, fragrances, wicks, waxes and more.