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GW - 494 Tart Wax

Quick Overview

Wax for Tarts and Soy Wax Melts
Sku Price Delivery Type Stock Available Quantity
5 kg
$8.00 / per 1kg

24 available

24 available


22.68 kg
$6.39 / per 1kg

42 available

42 available



Melt Point: 48 to 52°C

Pouring Temperature: 65°C+

Max Fragrance: 10%

Description: The Golden Brands tart wax is a soy wax designed specifically to suit soy wax melts and tarts. All of the ingredients used to make this wax are 100% natural and derived from plant-based sources. It was specifically made using these components to resist appearance defects such as frosting and helps promote a smooth appearance. It works perfectly with moulds as it does not leave behind much residue and shrinks slightly for easy removal.

Wax colouring can vary from batch to batch due to the nature of the product.

Want to learn how to make soy wax melts? Follow our simple step-by-step tutorial.

Because of the inclusion of botanical additives, this wax is not designed to be used for candles.

Please Note: These results are based on our own testing. Your own testing is required to ensure consistent results as external factors may skew the outcome. If you would like more information, feel free to consult our Wax Guide or Wax Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: To comply with new government regulations, AAK will be changing the product code and labeling for Golden Wax™ products. Both the old code AKOSOY 5716-00-04 LP416 and the new code Golden Wax 416 -- 5716-00-77GW are AAK wax products and the same exact product.

What others are saying

  1. Price
    Adore Kel - on 17/03/2021

    Absolutely adore this wax! It sets perfect, it holds a strong scent and colours alright too. Bought this exact wax from another supplier as Eroma was out of stock but it doesn’t at all seem to hold up quality wise to the batch I bought from here so I’m definitely holding out waiting for a restock so I can restock myself!

  2. Quality
    Best Tart Wax EVER!!! Lynn - on 15/09/2020

    Great scent throw, easy to use. After trying other wax types this is the best by far!!!

  3. Value
    Tart wax Lilly - on 1/02/2018

    Love it,love it ,

  4. Quality
    Love this wax Jodie - on 17/09/2017

    I purchased this wax when my usual 464 was unavailable. I absolutely love it. Scent throw is fantastic and my melts easily pop out of their containers. Very impressed with this wax.

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