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Thank you so much for acting with such speed after my email

Elaine Mc Carthy via Zendesk email survey. 11/03/2017

The ladies in the Melb office are just fabulous. Friendly, helpful and all around great!!

Yvonne Linger via Zendesk email survey. 04/03/2017

A life saver being open on a Saturday morning!! Got what I needed and more and a great cappuccino too. Thanks to Rita and all staff for a friendly and fast service - and you guys were under the pump !! Well done

Margot McLeish via facebook. 25/02/2017

I love Eroma and their great customer service. I'm just a little league player, but I've always been treated well by your company. Rita is just luverleee to talk to. Thank you! #shinebrightly

Pauline Walden via facebook. 14/02/2017

I received your email this afternoon about all the wonderful changes which are set to take place. I just wanted to give you some positive feedback and say that these changes really make a difference. Thank you for making these changes for your customers. I will admit that I have sought out other suppliers when I’ve reached the checkout to pay for my goods and see that the order is split and I will have to pay 2 separate freight charges. It’s just not affordable and doesn’t make the customer feel valued. However, you guys have sought to rectify this problem AND to make stock levels visible for us, so this is a total game changer. Your fragrance oils are the best on the market in my opinion, and I’m so happy that I will now be able to order everything from you at once without having to pay high freight charges. Congratulations and all the best.

Natalie Michaud, Hampton Park. 11/10/2016

I visited your warehouse today and was very happy with the customer service provided by both the sales staff in the show-room. And the guys down in the warehouse! Everyone was extremely friendly and very helpful and the warehouse staff even offered to Carry my order to the car! I just wanted to say thank you and to say that your show-room and products are amazing.

Amy, Seven Hills. 1/9/2016

All I can say is WOW. My custom glassware arrived today & it looks fantastic. I was so excited to see my own logo on my candle containers & the foiling is stunning on my black oxford jars, I really like this new look. I have just put in an order for my logo to be laser burnt onto the timber lids….can’t wait to see the results. My candles look so much more professional now. Thank you Eroma!!!!

- Kaye, Sydney. 27/06/2016

I placed an order on Tuesday or Wednesday last week, it was awesome to receive my order on Friday 10/6 before the long weekend started. Love getting my orders from Eroma - they always arrive when I need them and everything is always in excellent condition, no breakages, well packed. Keep up the good work, look forward to my next order with you. Terrific customer service.

- Glynnis, Melbourne. 11/06/2016

Just want to say a huge thank you for the customer service I received last week and the amazingly fast shipping! Amazing quality and choice of products, will be using you permanently!

- Jessie, Darwin. 15/05/2016

The custom lids have arrived, I've only opened one box & I'm over the moon! The variance in the walnut is stunning & keeps it interesting, & the etching is exquisite :) Can't thank you enough for all your help, we totally nailed it! I've put a lot of time & money into the rebrand & these have finished my product so completely and beautifully. Looking forward to placing the next order & now I am keen to discuss branding on jars/boxes regarding the service you also offer.

- Kere, Sydney. 10/05/2016

Just thought I would say that Eroma are great company to work with. They keep my homewares business stocked up with premium wax and their products are top notch. Shipping is super quick! I would highly recommend.

- Tara, Sydney. 19/04/2016

Great friendly service and great products. Thanks, will be back again.

- Mich, Horningsea Park. 13/04/2016

The ladies in Melbourne brighten up my day! All I have to say is you need better couriers but when I do get my product it is the best quality stuff. Please keep doing the packs for new fragrances each month!

- Laura, Altona. 12/04/2016

Great products, super quick delivery and great website. 100% satisfied with communication

- Brydee, Victoria. 21/03/2016

Ordered twice online so far and have had my items delivered within 3 business days. Neatly packed and haven't had any issues. The products are of good quality. Will definitely be sticking with them throughout my candle making journey. Also some interesting scents.

- Brooke, Geelong. 21/03/2016

My first experience when I went to Campbellfield was excellent - the staff are very friendly and helpful. Helped me as I was buying the candle wax and fragrances for my wife.

- Barrington, Melbourne. 3/03/2016

I've been using Natural Candles Supply for years!! I've tried ALL the other distributors & companies, and even bought from the US before that. These guys are amazing, they have been full of information & a tremendous amount of support for me. I've seen this company go from strength to strength & in turn they have helped me & my dream grow into something amazing too. There products are A1 & if it's not, they won't sell it. The prices are great, they are really competitive & especially selling in bulk... The guys in the back are awesome, carrying boxes to my car & assisting me to stack the car (while kids hang off me). I've never heard a bad word uttered & they truly are my gods in my fragrant world.

- Mandy, Melbourne. 19/02/16

After all these years of buying from Eroma not once have I had a problem. Your employees are always helpful, friendly and work like Santa's elves on Christmas Eve. If I haven't said it enough already THANK YOU.THANK YOU.THANK YOU!!! My business wouldn't be what it is, without your business being the best with customer service. I look forward to many, many years buying from Eroma. You guys and gals are LEGENDS!!!

- Helen, Sydney>

Hi, I would like to greatly thank you on the order that I had placed with your company. I appreciated the easy process to purchase the quick and efficient delivery and the prices are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much, I will definitely be a regular shopper. Kind regards,

- Nadia, Brisbane

Thank you so much for your supplies and helping me to start my own candle business at home as I'm doing year 12 as well and have this as an extra side thing. I love it, I'm glad I decided to make candles and I can't wait for your body stuff to come out! I've always had great service from you guys and appreciate it so much.

- Annie S

I have been getting supplies from Eroma for a couple years now and I have always been very happy with the customer service and delivery of my goods. I have never had a problem with an order and I have made many. In my opinion Eroma have the best fragrance and wicks out of all the suppliers. The glassware range is gorgeous too!

- Belinda B, Gold Coast

I have always bought my supplies from Eroma and have always had great service. The staff are friendly and helpful. I love their website and how they share their customers' creations and the site is very helpful for troubleshooting! Keep up the great work guys

Megan M, Perth

Thank you so much for the products I have received. They are of high quality and I would recommend Eroma to anyone who is willing to start in the candle making business. Thanks so much.
Kylie H, Adelaide

Eroma is my main supplier. Great quality products, great pricing and even better customer service. Keep up the great work Eroma.

Naomi W, Melbourne

Great supplier. Fast delivery, exceptional products at affordable prices.

Dianna P, Brisbane

Gorgeous quality products; always 2/3 days delivery max and some of the best prices around!

Lauren F, Sydney

So happy with the efficient service of this company. I only placed my order two days ago and I received it first thing this morning in QLD. So happy :-) Thank you!

Lib L, Gold Coast

Beautiful products and supplies, customer service is fantastic! Your products are by far the best on the market. Highly recommend any candle maker to purchase your products!

Alissa D, Melbourne