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Velino Tumbler Large Red

Quick Overview

Large Velino Tumbler
Sku Price Delivery Type Stock Available Quantity
1 of
$4.20 / jar

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10 available


12 of
$3.41 / jar

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4 available


36 of
$3.11 / jar

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18 available



Dimensions: see tab
Wax Quantity (unscented): approx. 245 grams
Glass Weight: 598 grams
Wick: HTP 126 (Soy Wax)
Burn Time: Approx. 35 Hours

Product Description: The Amazing Velino Glass Tumbler represents the highest quality available in glassware and would equally be at home with the best department store products in New York or Paris. This is the perfect tealight holder complimenting any event, including weddings.

Please note: Your own wick testing will be required to ensure the most appropriate wick. Please also note with any sprayed or painted glass there may be variations or changes between batches. Do not assume what you previously purchased will always be the same as what we are stocking now. Whilst we do try and keep products consistent, sometimes suppliers make changes without us knowing and in some cases we may request changes to improve the product.

Glass Washing:
In order to preserve the quality of the colour coating applied to these jars, Eroma recommends coloured (including frosted) glasses are not washed in any automated washing system or with any detergents or chemicals. If glasses are to be washed, we recommend testing the washing method to ensure no damage will occur in the process. Eroma takes no responsibility for damage caused in the process of washing glasses.

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