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  • Votive Candle Mould Votive Candle Mould
  • Votive Candle Mould Votive Candle Mould
  • Votive Candle Mould Votive Candle Mould
  • Votive Candle  Mould Votive Candle  Mould

Votive Mould

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Votive Moulds
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Wax quantity: Approx 55 grams

Wick Recommendation: Palm Wax - CDN 8 (60mm) or CDN 10 (60mm); Soy Wax - CDN 7 (60mm) or CDN 6 (60mm)

Description: These votive moulds are made from high quality metal for long-lasting use. This mould has a flared top to produce votives to fit most standard votive holders.

Please note: The wick recommendation is a guide only. Some fragrance and wax combinations may require a smaller or larger wick size. Personal wick testing will be required to ensure the most appropriate wick for your candle.

See the Learn More tab above for appropriate techniques and additional information on using this mould.

Q. How much wax and fragrance does this mould need? 

A. Ideally you should not fill your mould all the way to the top, but rather fill to 5mm from the top. This equates to an approximate total of 145 grams of wax and fragrance. We recommend 11 grams of fragrance per mould which equals about 8% per 100 grams of wax. 

Q. How do I cover up the hole at the bottom of the mould? 

A. By applying strips of duct tape or electrical tape, for example, across the entire bottom of the mould will help seal the hole at the bottom. Please also note that this is not a long-term fix and you will have to re-apply the tape after some usage. Make sure the tape is as flat and flush as possible and there are no gaps to allow the wax to escape. 

Q. How do the wick pin and pin locator work with the mould? 

A. All you need to do before you begin your pour is to apply a pin locator to the open top of the mould (one locator will fit all moulds). Take your appropriate wick pin and put this through the top of the locator where there is a hole in the middle. Slide the pin all the way down to the bottom of the mould where you will see a hole located. Once the pin has entered the hole at the bottom of the mould, then you are now ready to pour. 

Q. What temperature should I melt, add fragrance and colour, and pour the wax at? 

A. When using the feather palm wax, you should be melting this up to 95-100 degrees Celsius. At this point you should transfer your melted wax into your pouring jug and add in your fragrance and colour at around 95 degrees Celsius. Give a good, gentle stir to mix and blend the colour and fragrance in with the wax. You will then want to pour your wax into your mould at around 90 degrees Celsius. 

If using pillar blend soy wax, you will also need to add blending palm wax with this to harden up the soy. We recommend starting with a 50:50 ratio. You should melt this wax up to and between 70-80 degrees Celsius. This wax does have a pouring temperature between 50-70 degrees Celsius and your own testing with temperatures is best. As a suggestion, if you are going to pour the wax at 60 degrees Celsius, you will want to add your fragrance and colour at around 70 degrees to allow mixing and blending with the wax. Stir gently and pour your melted wax once you have reached the required temperature. As a general tip, always add a little bit of extra wax in case you have any holes form in the bottom of the candle. This way you will have the extra wax with the fragrance and colour to fill these up with. 

Q. When can I take the candle out of the mould?

A. Once you have poured the wax into your mould, you will need to leave the candle to set for around 4-6 hours before it can be released out of the mould. A good 24 hours is the best time to let your pillar candle set and cure before lighting. 

Q. How and when do I add the wick to a pillar candle? 

A. Once your candle has set after about 4-6 hours, you will be able to release the candle from the mould and also take out your wick pin from the inside of the candle by taking hold of the candle with one hand and the other holding the wick pin. With some slight force, you will be able to pull back on the wick pin while holding the candle firmly and you will notice the pin easily sliding out of the candle. Now that the pin is completely out, you will be able to slide the appropriate wick through the hole that has been made by the pin. Once all the way through the candle and now in place you will be able to trim the wick to size.

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